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Conceived in collaboration with Mathieu Berger (sociologist), Creatures Of Habit reveals the tragicomic aesthetics of contemporary lifestyles characterised by increased resources and reduced meaning; those lifestyles by which the living are commodified and seen as objects. The characters portrayed by Benoît Bethume (photographer and artistic director) embody some of the new social archetypes generated by these lifestyles, both captivated by and captive of the accessory.


This MAD Window is an opportunity for a new interpretation of Creatures Of Habit. Taking the collaboration even further, Levy, Berger and Bethume are looking beyond isolated charachters : their creatures are now gathered together, revealing their disturbing sociability. What unlikely community could arise from the association of one-dimensional, co-isolated and self-absorbed beings ? The staging and the related text are designed as a mythological pastiche, reminding the archaism of these matters : the human as a creature, man reduced to animal by his misguided ways, and the impoverishment of the world in which he takes part.